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Our Vision

Where every student matters


Matters to God - Every student is loved by God. We want students to see their value to God and to understand that God created them on purpose for a purpose. 

Matters to Others - Relationships are a key part of life. Show us your friends and we will show you your future. We want to help students learn how to build healthy relationships with others that will not only positively impact their lives now but will help them build positive relationships for the rest of their lives.

Matters to Our Community - Our students are our future. We want our students to know that they are a valuable part of our community. We want to resource and enable our students to contribute their knowledge and skills now, not just when they are older.

Our Mission


Our mission is demonstrated by building each other up, bonding through activities, and becoming a culture of influencers who promote acceptance, kindness, and finding joy in life. We are working to build programs that equip students with life skills and support them in their daily lives. We believe in giving students the opportunities and resources to find & share their talents and passions with others as a means of building self-confidence, character, and peer-to-peer relationships.  #BE CONNECTED

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